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Baseball Club


  1. Prepares a schedule of Baseball Games and sends it out to the membership.

  2. Coordinates the WISE members’ attendance at the games.

  3. The Group Coordinator:

    1. Prepares a report for the Council at the end of the baseball season.

    2. Provides minutes of the Group meetings to the President in a timely manner.

    3. Makes annual recommendations to the President regarding appointments to the Baseball Group on an annual basis, and no later than April 1, each year.

  4. Fosters a culture of teamwork, respect, acknowledgement and participation.


No. Name Position Term Started Term Expires
1 Joe Corn Coordinator

Meeting Schedule

As needed.

Document History

Version Approved Notes
1.0 Council: November 13, 2019
1.0.1  Converted to HTML

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