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WISE classroom discussionThe Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE) at Assumption College is a member-directed organization created in 1993 to provide lifelong learning opportunities for older adults.

Our vision is to be a learning community that offers older adults intellectual stimulation, socialization, personal growth and opportunities for service. Through the peer learning concept, members share their knowledge and experience with each other by creating, coordinating, and participating in courses. All courses are held at convenient times at locations on the Assumption College campus and at venues in the area. No tests or grades required!

About WISE Courses

The WISE Catalog tells you all you need to know about WISE, including membership and course registration.

Click here to see the catalog.

Full-Year Membership

A full-year membership entitles you to all privileges of membership for July 1 through June 30. Privileges include registering for as many WISE courses per session as desired on a space-available basis; participation on committees, invitations to WISE special events and study/travel trips; use of the Worcester Consortium shuttles and libraries; WISE ID card, invitations to Assumption College events; and WISE catalogs, newsletters, and mailings. Full-year members are eligible for elected office and have voting privileges.

Full-year membership (July 1 to June 30) is $250.00.

Half-Year Membership

A half-year membership entitles you to all privileges of membership as listed above, including voting privileges, but not including eligibility for elective office.

Half-year membership (Fall: July 1 to December 31 or Spring: January 1 to June 30) is $150.00. You can upgrade your Fall membership to a Full-Year registration for an additional $100.


A limited number of scholarships for WISE membership are available. To apply for a scholarship, submit this application form.

Note: "Senior” status is self-defined.

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