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Supreme Court SIG

The Supreme Court SIG meets to provide members with an understanding of how the Supreme Court functions and to discuss notable decisions of the Court from the start of court's term in October though its final decisions in June. No background in the law is necessary — the discussions are geared to the layperson.

Area Description
Name The Supreme Court
Facilitator John S. Ross, III (Jack), attorney, WISE instructor on the Supreme Court and constitutional law.
Goals To provide an understanding of how the Supreme Court functions and to discuss notable decisions of the Court.
Benefits Participants will learn about the Supreme Court’s procedures, such as how the Court assembles its docket, briefing, oral argument, court conferences, and issuance of opinions.
Audience All members with an interest in learning about the Supreme Court. The meeting usually draw from 15-20 participants to larger groups when newsworthy developments occur.
Meetings The group typically starts its meetings in October, meets more frequently in the spring, and ends in July. Meetings are scheduled by consensus at times suitable to most participants.
Focus An agenda for the meeting is distributed in advance with articles and links to materials on and about the cases to be discussed. The facilitator also provides a “watch list” of significant cases to follow.
Topics The group covers a wide range of statutory, constitutional, and institutional issues addressed by the court. It also discusses the ideology, trends in decisions, the role of the Chief Justice, political dimensions, and the appointment process.
Community Subject-matter experts with the WISE community.

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