About WISE and Wild Apricot

WISE is using a new online service, Wild Apricot, to manage our membership information and course registrations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is WISE making this change from Sched and EventBrite?

There are three primary reasons for making the change.

  1. Features for course registrations. As much as WISE members enjoyed using Sched for course registrations, there were a number of limitations. For instance, Sched could not handle multi-session events, what we call courses. This caused a number of issues when our members were trying to find out about courses that had already started.
  2. Membership management and features for members. Sched and EventBrite didn't give us a full set of features to allow us to manage information about WISE members. For example, when people called the office and requested information about WISE, we didn't have a good place to record that information so that we could follow up. Wild Apricot provides us with a rich set of features to help us keep in touch with current and prospective members.  In addition, Wild Apricot will, in the not too distant future, allow members to edit their own profiles and to look up other members phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  3. Cost. Sched recently raised its annual subscription fee. That is in addition to the processing fees associated with EventBrite. Wild Apricot will cost 60 percent less than the Sched/EventBrite package and also give us robust membership management services that we need.

Will I use the same username and password that I used with Sched?

Not quite. Your username will be your email address, but your password will change. We will send you detailed information about logging into the site when we publish the Fall 2016 courses.

How will I learn how to pay for my WISE membership and register for my courses?

See our online help for an outline of the steps you'll follow. As we saw with our first experiences with online registration, WISE members learn quickly and adapt well.

What if I don't feel comfortable with the new system?

As always, you can mail your registration to the WISE office and have the office team handle your registration.

When will I be able to register for fall courses?
Registration will start on July 6.
Is the course registration process the same as it was with Sched?

No. The registration process, outlined on the How to register for courses page, involves more steps than it did with Sched. That's both good news and bad news. 

It's good news because many of you reported that you weren't always sure that you'd made your choices in Sched. With Wild Apricot, you receive a confirmation while you are registering and in your email. 

The registration process, however, does require more steps. We know that some of you won't like that. We're sorry and hope thatwe can streamline the process in the future. 

Will this change require an increase the cost of WISE membership?


What is Wild Apricot?

Wild Apricot has been in business since 2001. Its web-based software was first released in 2006. It has more than 6,000 customers, supporting organizations with memberships ranging from 15 to 15,000. You can read more about Wild Apricot on their website.

How do I cancel a course registration?
To cancel a course registration, send an email to admin@assumptionwise.org with the name of the course that you'd like to drop. We'll let you know by email when the cancellation is complete. 
We are hoping to offer a way for you to cancel your own registration. Right now, however, that feature isn't available.  
How do I print a copy of my course registrations?

Coming soon. For now, you can review the email confirmations that you received for your registrations.

What does  "No recurring payments" mean in the Membership form?

Wild Apricot offers an automatic renewal service. This would typically be used for a subscription-type service, such as a monthly fitness program. WISE does not offer automatic renewals at this time, so membership fees are not set up to recur automatically. 


Wild Apricot uses some terms that may not be familiar to WISE members. This table will help you understand how these terms are used.

WISE Term Wild Apricot Equivalent  Example
Course Event To register for a WISE course, you will register for an Event. 
A  course does not have an additional charge for WISE members. 
Special Event Event with a Special tag To register for a WISE Special Event, you will register for an Event. 
A Special Event may have an additional charge to cover the cost of transportation, admission, and/or meals.

About your member profile

How do I edit my member profile?

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click the Edit Profile button.

  3. Make your changes, and click Save. 

Can I add an attachment, such as a CV, to my profile?

Not at this time.

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