D6. Marshall McLuhan - Prophet of Zoom

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  • 04/20/2021
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Marshall McLuhan, 1911-1980, was born more than a decade before his city, Edmonton, Alberta, had a radio station. He left this world at the start of the Internet age. In that time, he chronicled and prophesied, distilling his long discourses into tidy aphorisms (probes, he called them), only to flip them on their heads. “The medium is the message” became The Medium Is the Message. Advertising is at once a cruel drug and our most enduring art form. Education now moves from discrete and unrelated subjects to broad, integrated pattern recognition. “You don’t like those ideas?” he reminded us. “I got others!”

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INSTRUCTOR:  Karl Hakkarainen is the Technology Adviser for WISE. He has taught courses covering a variety of topics including politics, digital literacy, social networks, history, music, and intellectual property law. He enjoys spending time with his granddaughters who ask him for advice about computers and cellphones. 

OPTIONAL BOOK: Understanding Media: The Extension of Man, Marshall McLuhan, ISBN: 978-0262631594.