Zoom Class Management

This document outlines the roles and responsibilities related to the management of WISE online classes using Zoom.


During the months of April and May 2020, WISE presented a series of Conversations with Instructors (CWI) where WISE members, instructors, and volunteers learned how to use Zoom. In addition, WISE held a series of Zoom Coffee Breaks, allowing members to practice their Zoom skills, learn tips for being more active participants, and ask questions regarding the use of Zoom in WISE and in their personal lives. WISE also held workshops with instructors to provide them with tips for presenting a class using Zoom and to explain how WISE classes are managed.


The following sections describe the roles associated with managing WISE classes.

Note: although you can perform the role of host or class assistant from any device that Zoom supports, it's much easier to manage a meeting with a desktop or laptop. You can see more participants and keep the attendee and chat windows visible while the instructor is sharing their screen.


In Zoom parlance, the Host is the person who schedules, starts, records, and ends the meeting.

The host starts the meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. Members will arrive early and want to chat among themselves.

The host can make other participants, including the instructor and class assistant, a co-host.

See below for more information about hosting a Zoom event


A co-host is either the instructor or the class assistant.

  • The instructor can share their screen to show a slideshow or video. See Guidelines for Presenters for additional details.
  • The class assistant has responsibilities detailed below.

Class Assistant

  1. Greet the participant and opening remarks and Zoom tips before start of class.
    • Inform participants that their microphones muted during the talk. The Class Assistant will mute all participants, but participants may unmute themselves.
    • Inform the participant how to use the Chat feature and Raise Hand icon to let the Class Assistant know that the participant would like to ask a question or make a comment.
  2. Display introductory slides that include announcements, Zoom tips.
  3. Mute all attendees at the start of the class. Remember to unmute the instructor and other class assistants
  4. Discuss screen-sharing and related topics with instructor prior to the start of the class. If needed, contact the host for technical assistance.
  5. Monitor Chat box and respond to private chat questions from participants
  6. Mute participants as they join in and after they speak if they do not do it themselves
  7. Monitor the Participant window to see if there are people are raising their hands. 
  8. For discussion-based classes,
    • Gauge when to mute/unmute participants with questions and alert Instructor that a question was asked.
    • Introduce students and unmute them, if needed. Note: If all attendees are muted and their ability to unmute themselves is restricted, they'll receive a popup when the class assistant unmutes them.
  9. Stay for the entire duration of the class, even if it runs over and removing participants manually who do not know how to leave a Zoom session on their own.
  10. Make sure that participants and instructor know how to contact the WISE office or other admin receives materials that Instructor wants emailed to the students.
  11. At end, say good bye and post information about next class into chat box.
  12. At the start of the next-to-last class, post the link to the online evaluation.

Hosting a WISE Zoom session

  1. Click the Start link in Zoom or in your email or calendar.
  2. Greet participants.
  3. Assign Instructor and Class Assistant(s) as co-hosts
  4. Make sure that the recording starts. (Most meetings will recordings set up automatically.)
    • Anyone who does not wish to be recorded should turn off video and audio or leave the meeting.
    • Recordings are stored on the Zoom cloud service and are available for 30 days after the class. 
  5. When requested by the class assistance, provide technical to instructor, class assistant, or attendees 

After the meeting

If the meeting has been recorded, it will take several minutes for the recording to be processed. 


When using Zoom in the browser, raised hands do not show up at the top of the participant list. You will need to scroll down from time to time. 

Side-by-side view is not available on Chromebooks.

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