Invitation to the Environmental Special Interest Group

The Environmental SIG meets eight times during the year on energy production, the conservation of the environment, and our quality of life. We gather to discuss how energy grows and sustains our economic prosperity as well as the unexpected effects of how energy is made. We also examine public policy and how it can and should be influenced.

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NameEnergy and the Environment
FacilitatorPete Murphy, Professional Engineer, business educator, and WISE instructor.
GoalsThe group gathers to discuss how energy has enabled our industrial economy, created wealth, and improved the quality of life. It also deals with public policy on how energy is produced, used, conserved.
BenefitsMembers view how government officials in New England and the world seek to change how energy is produced and used to see how the proposed solutions may or may not be beneficial.
AudienceAll members of WISE with an interest in the subject.
MeetingsDiscussions will be held eight times during the academic year, typically monthly, in two-hour sessions on campus.
FocusMeetings may focus on a technology of producing energy, how the technology fits into the energy production mix, or public policy regarding it. Participants often bring publications and data relevant to the discussion.
TopicsFossil fuels of coal and natural gas for electricity production, oil for transportation, nuclear for electricity production, solar power, wind energy, electric power distribution, and storage.
CommunityOutside experts in the subject are invited to participate.

Areas of Interest

  • Environmental policy and planning
  • Environmental resource management
  • How energy is produced, used, and stored
  • Sustainability and sustainable development
  • Interaction of humans with nature
  • The impact of urban sprawl
  • Organization of the environment
  • Fossil fuels, oil, nuclear, solar, and wind
  • Activism in the community and public policy
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