Duties and Responsibilties

  1. The Technology Advisor supports the WISE Administration, Committees, Groups, Clubs, Task Forces, and Members as needed.

  2. Support of Membership Management:

    • These activities are in support of WISE’s membership management software. We currently use Wild Apricot for membership, website, course registration, contact management, and donations.

    • Maintains Wild Apricot site (https://assumptionwise.org).

    • Reviews, upgrades and communicate new and changed features to staff and members.

    • Reports issues to Wild Apricot technical support.

    • Installs and updates security certificates.

    • Customizes look and feel, including CSS and JavaScript extensors as needed.

    • With office staff, adds courses and events with pricing and tagging.

    • Creates online course registration page from courses (events).

    • Prepares reports for the Council, Office Staff, and Class Assistants using API, Excel, and Access tools on Linux and Windows and/or Mac.

    • Maintains SEO features.

    • Monitors site usage with Google Analytics.

    • Develops and manages other integrations using Integromat and, soon, Zapier.

  3. Manages online payments:

    • WISE currently uses PayPal as its online payment processor.

    • Manages credit card payment interface between Wild Apricot and PayPal.

    • Processes PayPal refunds.

    • Monitors PayPal usage.

    • Identifies potential problems with PayPal should they occur.

  4. Reviews other membership management software, payment processor, and other products and services and makes recommendations as needed.
    Supports the Communications Committee:
    • Manages and supports MailChimp software for bulletins and blogs.
    • Reports on usage to the Committee and the Council.
    • Troubleshoots email issues.
    • Updates and maintains the website content.
    • General technical support:
    • Coordinates WISE technical activities with Assumption IT.

    • Reviews and recommends hardware and software for WISE use.

    • Assists WISE members and Instructors with classroom and, as time permits, personal technology.

  5. Works with the Director and the Office Manager.
    • Ensures that WISE potential Members, Members, and Instructors are familiar with the technology of Zoom.
    • Ensure that all duties and responsibilities conform with the Policies of Assumption University, and the WISE ‘Policies’ document.
    • Ensures that all functions of the Committee conform with the mission and values of WISE.
    • Fosters a culture of teamwork, respect, acknowledgement, participation, inclusivity and transparency.
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