Communications Committee

Current Committee

Karl Hakkarainen (Chair)
Elaine Bloom
Hannah Darling
Bob Dyer
Joan Forbes
Sandra Hakkarainen
Noreen Keely
Deena Madnick
Tej Maini, ex officio
Susan Perschbacher, ex officio
Hanna Solksa


The WISE Communications Committee works closely with the WISE Director and Council to ensure members and others in the central Massachusetts area are

  • informed about recent and future WISE activities. Its communication vehicles
  • also serve to provide items of continuing education to all.


  1. The committee chair is appointed by the WISE President for a two-year position, with an option for a further two-year extension.
  2. The committee consists of WISE members in good standing in accordance with the WISE by-laws. They are selected by the committee chair.
  3. The number of members on the committee is left to the discretion of the chair.
  4. The committee chair reports to the Council.


  1. Produce regular publication of the WISE President’s Blog, Technology Blog, and the monthly WISE Bulletin September through May each year.
  2. Provide WISE related content and items of continuing education for social media, such as Facebook.
  3. Produce a photographic record of WISE events to post on Facebook and/or in the monthly Bulletin.
  4. Oversee WISE website postings and content.
  5. Assist other committees and the WISE office by reviewing and editing documents.
  6. Work collaboratively with other WISE committees, particularly with the organization’s outreach efforts.

Expectations of Committee Members

  • Meet once a month (or as needed) to identify tasks needed for the publication of the monthly Bulletin.
  • Meet project deadlines.
  • Work with other committee members in an atmosphere that is open to suggestions and to creative thinking.

Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE)
Assumption College, 500 Salisbury Street, Worcester MA 01609

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