The Coordinator:
  1. Assists the Director and the Office Manager in the preparation of a list of Class Assistants.
  2. Meets with the Class Assistants at the beginning of each semester and informs them about their roles, including:
    1. Special Announcements.
    2. Classroom etiquette.
    3. Monitor class discussion.
    4. Class Instructors’ duties and their Evaluation Forms.
    5. Assist Instructor with presentation, questions and answers, and timekeeping.
  3. Prepares reports when requested.
  4. Makes recommendations to the President regarding appointments to the Class Assistants Group on an annual basis, and no later than April 1, each year.
  5. Fosters a culture of teamwork, respect, acknowledgement and participation.


No. Name Position Term Started Term Expires
1 Sandra Congdon Coordinator 10/2019 5/2021
Cathy Samko Coordinator 6/1/2020
5 Karl Hakkarainen Technology Advisor Ex Officio
6 Monica Gow Director Ex Officio
7 Jill Lagana Office Manager Ex Officio

Meeting Schedule

As needed.

Document History

Version Approved Notes
1.0 Council: November 13, 2019
1.1 Draft

Cathy Samko as coordinator

Updated with Monica Gow as WISE Director

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